Highest demands – precision cut to the millimetre!

In the past façade cladding and covering mostly used to be made of steel or aluminium profiles, with rather poor visual accents. Today it is all done differently, proof of that is the textile façade cladding made by one of our customers with truly high-tech material, fixed into a sophisticated clamping system building complexe 3D shapes: a real magical effect guarantee!

The most challenging part of this project was to reproduce the 3D shapes of the coated glass fiber material to a flat surface and downgrade them into a computer program. Later on these had to be fitted in precisely cut layout. More than 160 customized trapezoids were created and cut tension-free and shaped without slipping, all of them bigger than 2x4m. Thanks to cutting optimization the quantity of cut elements could be reduced to the minimum.

A multi-storey car park was set up combining a very appealing to a truly functional result.

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