Livestock farming

Ventilation in livestock houses

It is undisputed that livestock house climate has a strong impact on the animals health and welfare, in particular on their behaviour and performance.
Climate factors such as air temperature, humidity, air speed, temperature fluctuations, dust content as well as dust and harmful gas concentration must therefore be kept under control.


Active ventilation

Novavert’s „HS JET TUBES“ (air hoses) und „HS FANS“ (cooling and heating ventilators) facilitate and support the important role of the air ventilation: 

  • Fresh air supply for the animals
  • Removal of humidity and noxious gases (carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide)
  • Improvement of animal and radiation heat in Summer
  • Compensation of strong temperature fluctuations in stables

Passive ventilation

Novavert offers different solutions for passive ventilation.
All these are of key importance in the regulation of the air supply in sheds, which can be single or double open-sided:

  • Roller aeration such as roll up systems, including drive tube, fastening parts and other accessories
  • Wind breaking films of different thickness and strength
  • Wheather protection, optionally also with a shading function