open outdoor sreens

With integrated sun protection factor and cooling effect

Our open outdoor screens protect your plants against high solar irradiation, heat and possibly even hail, but they are air and water permeable. The UV stability of these materials is high on the list of requirements, since they are exposed to the highest solar radiation. Novavert long-lasting outdoor screens are available in many shading values and also in the flame-retardant version.

We produce the screens in every required width, tailor-made and available on rolls, with hooks, hems, slopes, stainless wire, tape or for HS² installations.

You have the choice between easily flammable materials

  • Green shading nets in different weight categories

and flame-retardant screens

  • OHS ANTIFIRE B1 series

We would be glad to support you in the choice of the right screen system for your requirements, various techniques and materials and how to combine them in the most appropriate way. If you want to learn more about all the extras that our screens offer, please call us for an in-depth consultation: +49 (0)25 71/ 58 88 90.