Darkening and Assimilation Screens

Scheduled plant growth

With our darkening screen you take away the daylight from your crop and control the plant growth in order to meet sales commitment dates, for example in case of poinsettia plants for the Christmas time.

In addition, you can keep the night light of your assimilation lamps in the greenhouse and choose especially adapted screens for holding the light with the best possible heat reduction.

We produce the screens in every required width, tailor-made and available on rolls, with hooks, hems, slopes, stainless wire, tape or for HS² installations.

Darkening screen (can also be used as roll screen)


Assimilation screen


We would be glad to support you in the choice of the right screen system for your requirements, various techniques and materials and how to combine them in the most appropriate way. If you want to learn more about all the extras that our screens offer, please call us for an in-depth consultation: +49 (0)25 71/ 58 88 90.