HS² - The hanging system without hooks

Being patented in many countries, the Heescher Shading Hanging System, known as HS², is a modular screen system for horticulture. By saving costs and time it combines stability, easy handling, durability and total flexibility. HS² is a fundamental innovation for shading systems.

Instead of installing a single sheet over a complete bay, HS² consists of several segments of less than one meter width, which do not require any hooks to hold them. Hooks would damage the new material for instance under high wind force and would destabilise it.

Replacing the roofing film during operation is possible at very low cost. Only narrow corridors at the sides must be cleared. Perhaps a complete exchange is possible from outside without entering any interior space.

This is a great advantage especially if another system is installed under the roof screen.

The schematic diagram shows how HS² works.

The advantages of HS² at a glance:

  • Using the advantages of natural weathering
  • Long-term material durability
  • Fool proof assembly in a single phase
  • Greater design freedom for the greenhouse construction
  • Complete roof system with all components from a single source
  • Independence from suppliers and materials
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Save insecticides and protect the environment
  • Maximum insulation
  • Repair works during operation, without removing plants below
  • Exceeding new standards in fire safety