LED Lighting

Lower your power consumption and get higher profits with our LED solutions!

More and more LED lights prevail also in the gardening sector as a high-efficient lighting, but there are some large differences. Actively cooled systems have a ventilator which should keep the LED temperature low for a long lifetime. If the fan fails, the expensive LED lamps may overheat.

For this reason we have developed an aluminum profile for passively cooled LED strips, that allow heat to pass off and at the same time it serves as a protective fixture. The self-adhesive strips are glued onto the cleaned surface of the profile and can be cut with scissors to the appropriate length. An optional diffuser is available and can be easily inserted. For the profile in lengths of up to 6.4m connectors and mountings are available for profile lengths of up to 6.4m for all installation requirements.

Broad range of colour choices

The effect of different light colours to humans is well documented and that is why we offer two whites:

  • cold white with a colour temperature of about 6500K: Ideal for production areas
  • warm white with a colour temperature of about 3000K: Pleasant for sale areas

We are so confident of this solution with cold white light that we have equipped our entire stock and workspaces with it and can convince ourselves of the enormous difference to the old bulbs every day again. In addition to the IP20 version we offer the protection system IP68 for humid areas.

In conjunction with the fan-less 230/12 volt power supply which turns off in case of overheating, this is a very safe and easy installation solution. Connection to the power supply only by qualified persons.

Put these LEDs in production, packing halls, corridors or sales rooms with timers or motion sensors. Unlike normal bulbs, LEDs tolerate frequent switching on and off very well. All our LED strips are dimmable on request. In addition to an optimal adaptation to your needs (constant light control by combination with light sensors), you reduce your power consumption again!

Parallel operation above production areas with existing bulbs in order to make comparisons under identical conditions is recommended. Keep in mind that you will need more heating after the switch to LEDs - but who wants to heat with electricity?

Special Assimilation Lighting

Plants draw different benefits from different wavelengths and in many cultures growth can even be blocked by blue light. In order to ensure this we offer a specially developed LED strip, which basically emits two different wavelengths (blue with 450nm and red with 660nm). These can be activated separately or together, and even be dimmed separately. Thus, an adaptation to the needs of the plant is possible at any time.

The red / blue strips are self-adhesive on one side (additional securing bracket attached) and exclusively as IP68 available for humid areas. Length per strip 5m (can be shortened). Power about 20 watts / m.