HS Jet Tubes

Positive pressure helps raise your yield

Your plants suffer from humidtiy in combination with little air movement?

You are sick and tired of standard ventilation ducts or of flimsy films? Look no further!

For an efficient distributiion of fresh/warm air within the greenhouse we offer HS Jet Tubes tailor-made to suit your needs.

Big tubes for big air flow

We are specialists in continous film processing and look forward to fulfill your special requirements. Whether you look for small or big tubes, it is all possible here from standard Ø40-60cm up to giant tubes with Ø2.5m and more.

With CNC precision we can place your desired hole size and pattern on a great variety of films to get your crop back into the flow and create the perfect climate.

Depending on the material, the max length of our HS Jet Tube is approx 400m.

Two become one

You need flexibility and wish to connect two jet tubes?

That is easy as we offer a durable zipper as option. An almost gastight solution with a special version is available, too.

Let us help you with our know-how and experience gathered in different projects.

Install it your way

Instead of the standard and easy to install aluminum profiles with clamps you wish to use existing wires with hooks or eyelets to support your new HS jet tubes? We can support you with that, too.

If your standard design is not round but rectangular or semi-circle, we will get that into the right shape for you.