Welcome to Novavert !

„nova“ + „vert“ = freely translated: fresh green!

Professional horticulture demands innovative and high quality products that work properly over a long period of time while keeping costs low und increasing the own competitiveness.

Regardless of whether you want to trim a new production greenhouse to minimal energy costs or modernize a garden centre with a new promotional atmosphere, NOVAVERT is the right partner! Find out more about us on these pages or give us a call.

We are always happy to help and assist you.

Advanced greenhouse technology. Made in Germany. Made by Novavert.

The name Heescher has been known for more than 40 years in the greenhouse industry for eagerness in developing new ideas, for motivation in finding the best solution and its perfect implementation in due time.

Since 2008 NOVAVERT has been located in Greven. With more than 8,000 m² we have enough space to test our new, cutting-edge ideas and to produce them on a large scale.

Under the management of Niclas Heescher, today NOVAVERT is a globally recognised manufacturer and wholesaler of screen materials and shading systems for greenhouse technology.

Greenhouse builders, installation companies and growers appreciate our experience over the last decades as well as our large net of sub-suppliers and manufacturers enabling us to offer a wide product range.

Novavert freely translated means "fresh green" - the roots of our company are also green: Christa Heescher is a master gardener and knows first-hand about the challenges of gardening.

Novavert produces screen systems, which perform efficiently over a long period of time, keep your acquisition, maintenance and heating costs low, exceed new safety standards, increase your competitiveness and present your products an attractive way.

Big projects in Europe as well as overseas benefit from our exact time management, every grower appreciates our cooperative partnership. At Novavert we are happy to deal with a wide range of project sizes and adapt our offers to your budget.